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This week I am taking a week long intensive beginners course in Mandarin Chinese. It is very intensive and difficult, however there is something very fun about learning a new language from scratch.

I thought it would be a nice idea to give a quick Mandarin lesson for those of you who are interested. In this post I will teach you how to introduce yourself in Mandarin. I am going to use the pinyin system of written Mandarin. Pinyin Chinese is the official system to transcribe Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet to teach Mandarin Chinese.

THE BEGINNING: THE 4 TONES: There are 4 different tones you need to know when speaking Mandarin. They are as follows:

  1. The 1st tone: This is a relatively high level tone as when singing the note “la”
  2. The 2nd tone: This is a rising tone which works in the same way as the last word of a question in English raises up. For example the word ‘far’ in the question ‘is this far?’ The same sound is used for the 2nd tone.
  3. The 3rd tone: This is a dipping tone as when irritably saying “So?”. It starts high then dips low and then ends hi again
  4. The 4th tone: This is a downward tone as when adamantly saying “No!”
The 4 symbols for each tone when written

Watch this youtube clip to hear the different tones: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bh2Gt4HzAw8

I have not included the 5th tone in this lesson because the 5th tone is a neutral sound.

In China, when introducing yourself, you say your last name (family name) first. Point 1 and 2 below show the different ways in introducing yourself from using your last name first to using your first name. I have written the Mandarin words in the pinyin way so you can learn how to pronounce the words whilst using the correct tones. Number 1 is how to introduce yourself using your last name first and number 2 shows how to introduce yourself using your first name.
  1. Wǒ xìng Reynolds
  2. Wǒ jiào Eva
Here you can see how it is written, now I will teach you how to pronounce each sentence.


The O in Wǒ has the 3rd tone, it dips
The I in xìng uses the fourth tone as does the A in jiào.
The X in xìng is pronounced as sh as in banshee
The ing in xìng is pronounced ing as in ring
The J in Jiào is pronounced roughly the same as in english
The iao in jiào is pronounced as ee-ow (quickly)

Click here to check your pronunciations: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZfbkC9bTTc

I hope you have managed to learn a small amount of Mandarin. Look out for further posts  featuring lessons in Mandarin.


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News update:

I have just uploaded a few albums from recent travels, I hope you enjoy looking through them. For all other future albums, they will be uploaded to the section under IMAGES.

Just a quick update on what I am up to these days

After finishing university I decided to carry on studying. I completed a diamond course (DGA) at the Gemological Association of Great Britain.

My Graduation

I finished this last summer and this year I have gone on to do the intensive Gemology course (FGA). I finished this last week. It is a fantastic course and now I am able to identify many gemstones and their treatments. so now the job hunt begins

However before I begin that I have enrolled with three courses this summer. These courses include a pearl grading course, a business and investment course with Morgan Stanley and finally an intensive  Language course in mandarin, chinese.

so there is my brief update on what i have been up to.

x x x

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Welcome to my Blog.

Welcome to my blog

This blog is a place where I can update my friends and family on my life.

the initial idea of setting up this blog was due to the fact that over the last few years, due to different reasons, I have been traveling a lot and I find it tricky to try and juggle updating all my wonderful friends on my life whilst i’m constantly busy with travels, work and studying.

I thought it would be a great idea to create a place where I can share my travels, thoughts, photographs and adventures for my friends and family in one space.

In this space I also want to share the things that I’m interested in such as cultural experiences, for example the best galleries and exhibitions in london and various other cities, photography projects that i’m experimenting with, delicious recipes for baking, films and documentaries, fashion and beauty.

I hope you enjoy. x x x

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